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Frequently Asked Questions

Login Issues

How do I renew my subscription? - Attempt to login using your expired Username and Password. You will be offered an opportunity to renew or subscribe as you so wish. Details Here

Basic Membership Questions

What is VDA? - Veteran Defenders of America(VDA) is a PatriotsUnion.Org Network (USPU) division formed to organize military veterans throughout the country.

To read our Mission Statement, please click here.

Who can join VDA? - Anyone that is a military veteran of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard who has been honorably discharged from active duty and is a U.S. Citizen with no felony criminal record may join VDA.

Are USPU and USPU-VDA the same? - No. Each is a separate membership. Individuals grandfathered into USPU will need to renew their membership(s) to USPU and/or USPU-VDA as they so chose.

What is the history of VDA? - VDA was formed as a direct result of the events of 9-11-01 and the increased frequency of terrorism threats against the United States. VDA was conceived as an ultimate civil servant organization to be the "eyes and ears of freedom", to be proactive and reactive in the event of disasters, such as those caused by terrorists, that would threaten the safety, security and freedoms of our country. Our oath of office included "to protect and defend" which is a value that veterans hold in a position of honor.

Can a business or corporation join VDA? - No, VDA is represented by individuals, not collectively.

How much does it cost to join VDA? - The membership fee to defray operational costs is $29 per year or a lifetime membership is available for $125.00 (one time payment).

Will my membership information be shared with other organizations? - NO. Membership in VDA is held in the strictest of confidence for a number of reasons.

When does my membership expire? - Your annual VDA membership expires 1 year from the date you joined.

I just want to be a member. Do I have to subscribe to any mailing lists? - No, your VDA membership is all inclusive.

How do I receive ongoing information and communications? - All routine communications are by email to the email address you submit with your application. Other information, training and reunion opportunities in your area are available in the secure VDA members area.

Can I join as a lifetime member? - Yes. Lifetime membership is available for $125.00 (one time payment)

Can I get a discount because I'm a senior? - No.

Can I join VDA if I am a family member of a veteran? - Yes. Click here for more information.

How to Join and Application Questions

How do I join VDA? - Joining is completed by filling out the simple form under the "Join" or "Membership" buttons, or you can click here. You'll be asked some simple questions on yourself and other basic requirements of a membership.

Am I a VDA member after I fill out the online application requirement? - Yes.

Now that you are a VDA member.

How do I get ongoing information? - All members are sent emails on a regular schedule to keep all members informed.

What information will I receive? - Members receive emails containing updated news related to national safety and security, activities in your area, gatherings of VDA members nationwide, training and educational opportunities and organizational structure in your state/county chapters.

I would like to get more involved with VDA:

What can I do to help? - We all need to be involved. Whether you actively take training, participate in activities, or accept a position supervising and coordinating, we all need to be involved. As a former officer or NCO in uniform, you may want to contact VDA to apply as a leader for your county.

If you are interested in a leadership position with Veteran Defenders of America, please use this form to send us your comments.

If I help supervise in my area, what can I expect? - Each county within the United States is a "chapter". Each chapter requires a chapter leader and unit leader for functions in the event of disasters within your county membership. As many as needed units are created to include all members.

What is a "zone unit"? - A zone "unit" consists of 10 veterans, each of which adds training skills required for use in a time of disaster. Units are defined in 4 areas of concern for disaster response:
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Communications
  • Defense
  • Public Information.
Note: Every veteran will find a unit where he/she fits. Nobody is excluded from participation.

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