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Mission and Purpose

The mission of Veteran Defenders of America is to create a nationwide volunteer network of veterans who, through education, information, training and preparedness, will serve as a key part of America's frontline grassroots "eyes and ears of freedom" with respect to threats to our national security and our freedoms, such as the threat of radical Islam.

Our Motto

"The eyes and ears of freedom, because we know that freedom isn't free."

Our Strength

Veteran Defenders of America is now a PatriotsUnion.Org Network member. For more details on the USPU Veterans Council click here.

Our Objectives

  • Provide veterans the opportunity to continue fulfilling their oath to defend America through a nationwide network of veterans, so that every county in America is ultimately represented by a local Veteran Defenders of America chapter.

  • Provide veterans with education and information about the multiple threats radical Islam poses to our national security and our liberties, including:

    • International and domestic terrorism.
    • The Muslim Brotherhood plan to infiltrate and subvert America from within.
    • The growing threat of shariah Islamic law.
    • The strategies and tactics of global jihad, in all its forms - violent, stealth, cultural and financial.

  • Provide veterans with an organized, grassroots vehicle by which to take effective proactive and reactive action in response to threats to our national security and our freedoms. These actions include support for sound public policies, community awareness, and volunteer service.

  • Provide interaction with local law enforcement and emergency management, when necessary, in response to threats to our security and our safety.
We've polled many veterans from all over the country who are part of the estimated 26 million veterans living in America. Virtually without exception, everyone wants to know that they can still "contribute" their talents toward protecting the country they love.

As veterans, we're all highly trained in many areas. This training came at a high cost to the taxpayers and we have heard loud and clear from veterans that they still want to put this training to good use in the volunteer service to their country.

As long as we're able to draw a breath, veterans are sworn and committed to protect our nation in whatever way we can contribute. From detecting suspicious activity prior to a crisis to helping with emergency management should a crisis occur, America's veterans continue to stand at the ready.

Veteran Defenders of America is YOUR opportunity to play an organized and constructive role in the ongoing defense of America's security and freedoms.

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